Art Block Mobile art cart

Art Block is bicycle driven eco-friendly pop up arts and crafts program in Cleveland Oh

Colloquially known as the art cart in the St.Clair Superior Community-Art Block is a program that runs from in the Spring and Summer with a Bicycle and as many supplies as I-David can fit in my trailer. This nonprofit program is a fun friendly way to connect with neighbors, learn some new crafts and engage with the community.

The Art Cart serves St.Clair Superior, Hough and the Glenville communities in wards 7 and 10, and is free to interact with for all ages with materials that are upcycled and recycled from our partner Upcycle Parts Shop. Please check the calendar for events and our instagram page to see what’s currently happening. Read the programming guide if you’d like the art cart to come to your own event, and reach out for more information.

My Mission is to encourage community members in community building by offering free arts and crafts as the vehicle by which they discuss their community, sustainability, local change as a neighbor and a friend.

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